Patentanmeldungen in China
8. Q: Wann können die Beschreibung, die Ansprüche und die Zeichnungen geändert werden?

(1). For patent application for invention, applicant may amend the application documents on his/its own initiative in the following cases:
* At the time when making the request for substantive examination
* Within three months from the day of recieving the Notification of Entering Substantive Examination Procedure issued by the Chinese Patent Office in case the Request for Substantive Examination is filed simultaneously at the time of filing the application
* At the time of entry of Chinese national phase of PCT international application

(2). For patent application for utility model or design, Rule 51 of the Implementing Regulations of the Chinese Patent Law provides that within two months from the date of filing, the applicant for a patent for utility model or design may amend the application for a patent for utility model or design on its or his own initiative.

No amendments may broaden the scope of the specification, claims and drawings as originally filed.

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