15. Q: Mit ungefähr wievielen Gebühren muss man rechnen, wenn man die Beilegung einer Streitigkeit wegen Patentverletzung bei der Patentverwaltungsbehörde beantragt?

The administrative authority for patent affairs charges fees for accepting, investigating and handling cases. (They are more or less the same as those charged by the court, with variation according to different subject matter of proceedings). Other related fees like the appraisal fees, test fees, charges for loss of working time of witnesses and travel expenses, etc. are all borne by the interest party. When a dispute of infringement is closed by mediation, the expenses are shared by both parties through consultation; where it is closed by the administrative decision, the expenses are borne by the party held liable; and where two parties are held liable, the expenses are shared proportionally.

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