26. Q: Welche Maßnahmen kann die Verwaltungsbehörde für Industrie und Handel zur Einstellung einer Verletzungshandlung ergreifen?

In the light of its investigation to gather information, the Administration for Industry and Commerce may take these measures to stop an infringing act: order to stop the sale, confiscate and destroy the symbols of infringing trademarks, remove and destroy the infringing trademarks on the remaining goods; confiscate the molds, printing plate and other tools directly and specially used for the trademark infringement. Where infringing trademarks are not detachable from their goods, it may order and supervise the infringing material be destroyed.

As for a non-criminal case of infringement, the Administration for Industry and Commerce may also impose, according to the circumstance of a case, a fine not more than three times of the illegal business turnover when it is impossible to calculate the amount of the illegal business turnover, the fine shall be no more than RMB 100,000 yuan

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