CPA Re-elected Deputy President of China Trademark Association 


(Source of Photo: China Industrial and Commercial News)
During the 4th Congress of China Trademark Association (CTA) held in Beijing on 22 January 2018, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) as corporate member of the association was re-elected deputy president of the new CTA council.
Our firm's being elected CTA deputy president reflects recognition of our service capability and performance by the association and the industry as well as our prestige within the Chinese trademark sector, as the deputy presidency is determined based on overall consideration of the candidates' influence and credibility within the industry, contribution to the well-functioning of the industry, and public recognition, after a shortlist is generated from nominations by well-established, influential trademark agencies.
The new CTA council, to be presided over by Mr. Ma Fu, comprises 30 deputy presidents, 72 executive directors, and 129 directors. Of the deputy presidents, 13 are agency members and 17 enterprise members.