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CNIPA Issues Patent Certificates in Electronic Form (3 February 2020)
CNIPA Releases Announcement No. 350 on COVID-19 Related Measures (29 January 2020)
CNIPA Releases China's IP Statistics for 2019 (15 January 2020)
World IP Day 2020 Advocates "Innovate for a Green Future” (6 January 2020)
CNIPA Issues Artificial Intelligence-Related Patent Examination Guidelines in Latest Revision, Effective 1 February 2020 (2 January 2020)
NPCSC Publishes Draft of First Civil Code of China for Public Comments (28 December 2019)
CNIPA Invites Comments on Draft Criteria for Determining Trademark Infringement (18 December 2019)
The 9th Business of Asia IP Forum Held in Hong Kong (9 December 2019)


Four CPA Senior Attorneys Named World IP Review Leaders 2020 (12 February 2020)
CPA Reaps Leaders League's Award of Best IP Advisor in Asia-Pacific 2019 (4 February 2020)
CPA Deputy General Manager Invited to Inaugural International Symposium on Judicial Enforcement of IP (20 January 2020)
CPA Attends the 3rd International Business Intellectual Property Forum (17 January 2020)
CPA Awarded Outstanding IP Service Team in China Again at 10th China IP International Annual Forum (13 January 2020)
CPA Awarded Top 10 Patent Agencies at 7th Chinese Intellectual Property Forum (31 December 2019)
CPA Wins a Gene Tech Biopharma Patent Administrative Case on Behalf of Foreign Clients (27 December 2019)
CPA Delegation Attends 9th Business of IP Asia Forum (17 December 2019)

IPR Laws

Guidelines for the Trial of Copyright Infringement Cases (2018)
Guidelines for Patent Infringement Determination (2017) (2017-4-20)
Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Disputes over Infringement of Patent Rights (II) (2016)
Guidelines of the Beijing High People’s Court for Adjudication of Network-related IP Cases (2016-4-13)
Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (2013 Revision)
Administrative Measures on Prioritized Examination of Invention Patent Applications (2012)
Measures on Compulsory Licensing for Patent Exploitation (2012)
Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (2012)


Annual Development Report on China's Trademark Strategy 2013 (7 May 2014)
Intellectual Property Protection by Chinese Courts in 2013 (6 May 2014)
Annual Development Report on China's Trademark Strategy 2012 (6 May 2013)
Intellectual Property Protection by Chinese Courts in 2012 (26 April 2013)


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