30. Q: How are proceedings instituted in the people's court against a case of trademark infringement?

All trademark proprietors may also choose to institute proceedings in the people's court. To institute the court proceedings, the following documents and evidence are required:

  • Valid trademark certificate to prove the lawful rights and interest of the registrant;

  • Correct name, address of the infringer and its legal representative ;

  • Evidence of infringement, possibly, photographs, specimens of goods, promotion materials and invoices, etc., which are better to be notarized;

  • A complaint, containing statement of the cause and facts of the and claims;

  • A power of attorney signed (and sealed, if possible) by the legal representative of the trademark registrant, which should be notarized and certified;

  • A copy of the infringee's enterprise registration certificate, which should be notarized and legalized.

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