CPA Invites Expert to Talk about Online Copyright Protection Legislation

On 17 August 2010, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.'s Beijing office was honoured by the presence of Mr. Xu Chao, deputy director general of Copyright Management Department of the National Copyright Administration of China and a famous expert in the field of copyright, for a talk on legislation and latest development regarding online copyright protection in China.   
During the talk, Mr. Xu gave an overview of China's current online copyright legislation, with a particular focus on the issue of “safe guidelines”. To expound on the topic, Mr. Xu cited typical cases from the judicial practice of the US and China, which generated a great deal of interest from the participants.
Among topics of heated discussion was the determination of joint and several liabilities of the relevant parties in copyright infringement, as in the case of accused infringement of contents from content provider Xunlei through internet TVs manufactured by TCL. In this case, both TCL and Xunlei were able to get exemption from infringement liabilities by the application of “safe guidelines” as Xunlei had promptly disconnected the link to the infringing contents upon receipt of a written notice from the copyright owner.
The talk proved to be thought-provoking and had touched upon some issues that need further exploration.