CPA Attends 24th MARQUES Annual Conference

CPA recently attended the 24th annual conference of MARQUES (The European Association of Trade Mark Owners). The CPA delegation was represented by its deputy general manager Mr. Luo Hong and manager of Trademark Department of its Beijing office Ms. Liang Hui. 

Under this year's theme of "An Update to Hot Topics", MARQUES revisited selected hot topics discussed at previous annual conferences and reviewed the latest developments on issues such as: keyword advertising, social networking, virtual worlds, brand protection and designs/copyright, do's and don'ts in trademark exploitation and licensing, budgeting priorities in tight financial times, unfair competition and passing off. Workshops were also arranged to examine how trademark protection may be influenced by some of the evolving challenges. Among the workshops, Baker & Mckenzie's "China – Lost in Translation" gave an update on trademark infringement litigation in China.

The conference was held in Berlin, Germany during 14-18 September 2010 and participated by more than 590 representatives from 55 countries and regions including China.