CCTV the First Broadcaster to Sign Music Copyright Payment Agreement

China Central Television (CCTVand Music Copyright Society Of China (MCSC) signed an agreement for the payment of music works copyright on 21 September 2010.

This marked the first broadcaster in China to sign an agreement with MCSC since the promulgation of Interim Measures for the Payment of Remuneration for Audio Products Played by Radio and TV Stations by the State Council in November 2009. The Interim Measures were issued to implement the revised Copyright Law of the PRC of 2001.
Upon the execution of the agreement, a License for Music Works was issued by MCSC to CCTV. This provides a solution to the issue encountered by CCTV of having to obtain licenses  for using domestic and foreign music works on a case-by-case basis.
Founded in 1992, MCSC is a non-profit institution and the only officially recognized organization in the mainland China for music copyright administration and protection of the legitimate rights of composers, lyricists and other music copyright owners.