CPA Convenes 2010 Overseas Offices Work Meeting

On 21 December 2010, chief representatives from CPA's overseas offices gathered in Hong Kong office for the 2010 work meeting, a platform for exchange and communication between the overseas offices and other CPA offices.
During the meeting, Mr. Yu Yansheng, Mr. Yang Jiangzhong, and Mr. Deng Ming, Directors of CPA's New York office, Tokyo office, and Munich office respectively, presented work reports for year 2010, shared their thoughts on ways to strengthen the roles of overseas offices, and made suggestions for other work-related issues. 
On the same occasion, General Manager Mr. Li Yong expressed his appreciation for the achievements of respective overseas offices in particular during the past year. He also gave a brief review of the firm's developments in 2010 and communicated his expectation toward the future direction of the overseas offices.
After the meeting, Senior Counsel Ms. Jenny Wang led the chief representatives from the overseas offices on tours of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai offices for exchange and discussion with colleagues from the Patent, Trademark, Legal Affairs, IT and Finance Departments as well as the firm's affiliated publisher China Patent & Trademark Publications Office. Concurrently, trainings were conducted in the four offices with a focus on the essence of good customer services.
Earnest discussion during 2010 overseas offices work meeting in CPA Hong Kong office
Chief representatives from overseas offices meeting colleagues of Beijing office
Chief representatives from overseas offices meeting colleagues of Shenzhen office
Chief representatives from overseas offices meeting colleagues of Shanghai office