CPA Trademark Case on the List of Top Ten IP Cases

A winning case represented by China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. on behalf of Yung Kee Restaurant Enterprises Ltd. (Chinese: 香港镛記酒家) was recently selected by Guangzhou People's Intermediate Court as one of the top 10 IP cases for 2010.
The plaintiff Yung Kee Restaurant is a Miele restaurant for years 2009 and 2010 in Hong Kong with its history traced to 1942. CPA was entrusted by the restaurant to bring an action against Guangzhou Yongji Catering Co. Ltd.(广州镛记餐饮有限公司)for trademark infringement and unfair competition before Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court in March 2010.
In representing the client, CPA's responsible attorney Mr. Wang Gang and his colleagues formulated litigation strategies after careful analysis of the case, made a number of on-site investigations and conducted evidence notarization. The case was closed in December 2010 with charges established against Guangzhou Yongji, which was ordered to stop using the mark "镛記" in its enterprise name and restaurant operations, as well as remedy Yung Kee Restaurant for damages of RMB 150,000 yuan.