CPA Attends MARQUES 25th Annual Conference


During 13-16 September 2011, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) deputy general manager Mr. Luo Hong and CPA Beijing office trademark department manager Ms. Liang Hui attended the 25th Annual Conference of MARQUES (Association of European Trade Mark Owners) held in Beveno of Italy.
Focusing on the theme of “Reality Check”, this year’s MARQUES meeting explored the issue of adjustment to brand strategy regarding the protection, promotion and enforcement of trademarks under the prevailing constraints of international financial crisis, prolonged economic downturn, and consequential cuts on corporate intellectual property (IP) related budgets, in addition to the impact from rapid spread of social networking platforms like TWITTER and FACEBOOK.
During the sessions, representatives of major brands including GUCCI, IKEA, PRADA, and CADBURY shared their experience in brand promotion and protection via the Internet, particularly the social networking media, whereas academic experts, IP lawyers and IP managers brought forward their views on trademark strategies.
With an attendance of over 700 delegates from 67 countries and regions, the 25th conference boasted the largest-ever turnout of MARQUES’ annual meetings. CPA is thankful to the opportunity afforded by the meeting for in-depth communication and exchanges with its foreign associates.