Beijing Court Names First Batch of IP Mediation Entities

On 21 November 2011, the Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality announced a first batch of entities officially approved to conduct mediation of intellectual property related disputes, in its efforts to promote alternative court-connected dispute resolution mechanisms.
The list comprises seven trade associations of strategically important industries according to China’s twelfth five-year plan: Beijing Electronic Chamber of Commerce (北京电子商会), Beijing Clothing and Textile Industry Association (北京服装纺织协会), Beijing Software Industry Association (北京软件行业协会), Beijing Information Industry Association (北京信息产业协会), Beijing Information and Communication Association (北京通信信息协会), Beijing Power Supply Association (北京电源行业协会), and Beijing Trademark Association (北京商标协会).
With immediate effect, courts in Beijing of various levels may, on voluntary basis of the parties, refer an IP-related dispute case in trial or before docketing to an approved entity in the list for mediation. Where agreement is reached, the mediated resolution can be submitted to the court with proper jurisdiction for judicial recognition and enforcement.