CPA Attorneys Speak to Japanese IP Practitioners on Patent Litigation in China  

On 16 November 2011, a 4-member delegation of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA), upon the invitation by a Japanese law firm, took part in a Tokyo seminar on China’s patent litigation. The delegation comprised deputy director of CPA Shenzhen office Mr. Wen Dapeng, manager of Japanese Affairs Department Mr. Mao Liqun and chief representative of CPA Tokyo office Mr. Yang Jianzhong, headed by CPA deputy general manager Mr. Zeng Xiangling.  
As pointed out by Mr. Zeng in the opening speech, it is hoped that the seminar may serve as a platform for Japanese enterprises to get a better understanding of current practices related to patent litigation and invalidation in China amidst escalating disputes of the kind in China.
Mr. Mao then delivered the keynote speech, with a theme on defense strategies in face of patent infringement litigation and declaration of invalidation in China. During his talk, he compared the differences in patent litigation system and practices between Japan and China, complemented by statistical data and illustration of cases. He also highlighted matters worth noting by Japanese enterprises in event of getting involved in infringement litigation and invalidation disputes in China.
The presentation by Mr. Mao was well-received by the 170 Japanese IP practitioners. They all found the talk very useful and insightful with practical tips on how to protect IP rights and mitigate litigation risks in the unfamiliar, booming market of China.   
CPA deputy general manager Mr. Zeng making the opening speech
CPA Japanese Affairs Department manager Mr. Mao delivering the keynote speech