China’s State Council Issues Guiding Opinions on Accelerating Development of IP & Other High-Tech Service Industries

The General Office of the State Council of the PRC recently issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of High-Tech Service Industries.
Eight high-tech industries are identified in the guiding opinions as the focus of efforts for acceleration of development. On top of intellectual property services, these industries include R&D design, inspection and testing, commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, information technology services, digital content services, e-commerce, and biotech services. The guiding opinions also propose policies to support the acceleration of development for the industries in various aspects including technical and service standards, appraisal of technical posts, taxation, land use, and market environment. 

In terms of IP services, the guiding opinions point to the fostering of market demand for IP services, enlarging of the scope of IP information for common sharing, advancing of infrastructure services such as IP consulting, search, analysis, and data processing, as well as promotion of value added services such as valuation, transaction, commercialization, trust, and financing of IP assets.