CPA Staff Celebrate Festive Fun with their Many-sided Talents


On 20 December 2011, over a hundred staff members of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA), including members of the board of directors and the top management team, gathered after hours in a banquet hall in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for the Christmas celebration dinner.
This year’s celebration was not only a time for cheer and feast or a time for thanks and gratitude, it had also been a showtime for CPA’s talents. Immediately bringing the party to an uplifting atmosphere was the opening show of the vibrant, rhythmic Riverdance. The Irish step dance was performed by six of our young ladies and gentlemen dressing themselves in self-designed handsome costumes.
This was followed by the year-end remarks by CPA’s chairman of the board Mr. Zhang Xiaoli and general manager Mr. Li Yong. They both extended sincere thanks to the colleagues for their untiring efforts over the past year, which had contributed to the firm’s further business growth in defiance of the difficult economic conditions, and more importantly, its recognition and praise by the clients in terms of service quality.
After the management’s toasts to individual tables, the theme of the evening - a live-band karaoke contest - soon took the stage. The contest proved to be a worthy platform to showcase the range of our colleagues’ out-of-workplace talents in singing, from Cantonese hit, English folk, Mandarin pop to traditional Cantonese opera songs. The charm of the contestants, their beautiful voices and passionate performances, along with the hilarious cheers of support from their fans, concluded with a guess game of “Who’s the Winner”, had filled the hall with thrilling dynamics.     
The high spirits did not stop there, and were carried farther with a kaleidoscope of entertainments including solo vocalist, group singing, Chinese musical instrument Erhu, and self-compiled Chinese comic dialogue performances. There were of course no absence of the ever-popular lucky draws, which were made throughout the evening and added both material joy and anticipating excitement to the party.
Apart from sharing of merry moments, the year-end gathering used to be a good time to say thank-you to much-deserved staff members. This year we used the occasion to bid farewell to our retiring finance department manager Mr. Xu Wanhuo and trademark department manager Ms. Zhang Hailing. On behalf of the firm, general manager Mr. Li Yong presented them with awards for their long-time service and commitment to the firm.  

The celebration left the participants with lingering memories of festive fun. What is more, it also reflected the all-round abilities, and many positive qualities like perseverance and good team spirit of CPA's staff members.

Mr. Zhang Xiaoli, chairman of the board of CPA, expressing thanks to the staff's commitment  
General manager Mr. Li Yong urging for continual efforts in face of a coming year of challenges 
CPA top management toasting for a year of success ahead 
Riverdance, a powerful Irish step dance, initializing the celebration party
Ladies singing tenderly for the karaoke contest 
"Dou gen", a form of Chinese comic cross-talk show 
Young singers enjoying themselves in group performance  
Fun and excitment from the floor 
Winners of the karaoke contest in passionate performance of a Cantonese hit 
Cheers of support from fans groups  
 Performing in impressive outfits a most popular Cantonese opera song
Senior counsel Ms. Jenny Wang: Who is the lucky one?
Some of the lucky draw winners getting the "cheque" from assistant general manager Ms. Kathryn Fu (fourth from the left) 
 Awards to retiring Mr. Xu Wanhuo and Ms. Zhang Hailing from the hands of general manager Mr. Li Yong