2012 World IP Day Celebrates Visionary Innovators


The World IP Day, observed annually on 26 April, focuses on the theme of “Visionary Innovators” for its 2012 celebration.
WIPO gives some examples of visionary innovators whose ingenuity and artistry have broken molds, opened new horizons and made a lasting impact, including the Wright Brothers who brought forth modern airplanes in rudimentary form, Louis Pasteur the father of bacteriology, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., as well as artists, writers and musicians such as Picasso, Chekhov and Charlie Parker.
Like past years, there will be celebrating activities worldwide for the day. In advance of them, WIPO is calling for posting of thoughts on its facebook page surrounding the topics of: an innovation which has improved your life, a visionary inventor or creator whom you admire, or an innovator in your community who has made a difference.