CPA Journal Invited to Media Exchange Session during Beijing IP Judges Work Meeting

China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA)’s IP journal China Patents & Trademarks was invited to a media industry exchange session held during the Beijing Municipality IP Adjudication Work Meeting in Beijing on 21-23 March 2012.  

The exchange session was hosted by Beijing Higher People’s Court to enable face-to-face communication and exchange between judges of the municipality handling IPR litigation and members from the media industry.
At the meeting, China Patents & Trademarks’ representatives Mr. Mo Xiu and Mr. Long Zhifang briefed on the publication policy, article contribution requirements, review and editing processes as well as the role played by the journal in promoting the study of the Chinese IP laws, system and practice over the years.
The IP journal was launched by CPA in August 1985. It has been widely distributed around the globe bilingually in Chinese and English.
Left: Mr. Zhang Xuesong, Deputy Chief Justice of the Third Civil Division of Beijing Higher People’s Court, chairing the meeting;
Right: representative from China Patents & Trademarks