China  Launches Website Dedicated to IPR Enforcement & Awareness  

On 9 April 2012, a specific website dedicated to China’s intellectual property rights enforcement and awareness was launched as part of the effort to implement the Opinions of the State Council on Further Cracking down on IPR Infringements and the Production and Sales of Counterfeit and Forged Commodities.
The website reports on China’s latest national and local IPR enforcement campaigns and promotional activities as well as international news of relevant interest. It also collects noteworthy IP infringement cases, IP laws and regulations, advices on counterfeit and fake goods identification, and expert talks in video clips. There are also sections for online reporting of alleged infringements and interactive Q&A with IP expert and industry practitioners.
The website ( is hosted by the Office of Leading Group of the National Campaign Against IPR Infringements and Counterfeits, and organized by China Network Television (CNTV).