2012 Business Climate Survey: China’s Business & IPR Protection Environment
in the Eyes of AmCham China Members

The American Chamber of Commerce in the PRC (AmCham China) recently released its 14th Business Climate Survey. This year’s survey collects the views of 390 responses from its member companies on the economic and regulatory situation in China in 2011.
According to the survey report, AmCham China’s member companies maintained good revenue growth and profits in 2011, and a great majority of them (76%) expected higher revenues in 2012 compared to 2011. The survey also reflects how the respondents rated some potential factors that may affect business operations in China, in such areas as protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), obtaining licenses, attracting and retaining qualified employees, and managing rising costs.
Questions put forward in the survey relating to IPR protection include:
  • How important is the protection of IPR to your business?
  • How do licensing requirements impact your business?
  • What is the extent of damage caused by China-originating IPR infringements of your company’s products?
  •  If you have brought any infringements to court, were you satisfied with the level of cooperation from the Chinese courts?
  •  How would you rate China’s enforcement of IPR? 
The full report of the survey is available at: Business Climate Survey Data.