European Chamber Publishes Report on Patent Quality Situation in China

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (European Chamber) recently published a research report entitled “Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in China”. The report probes into China’s current innovation and patent quality situation, raises key areas of concern, and provides recommendations for resolving patent quality related issues.
According to the report, patent quality and innovation at large in China are being hampered by a network of patent-related policies such as quantitative targets and other measures, as well as patent administrative and enforcement approaches. The study concludes that the identified "dulling devices” should be effectively addressed in order to maximise the country’s immense innovation potential.
The European Chamber, founded in 2000, is recognised by the European Commission and the Chinese authorities as the official voice of European Business in China. Its lobbying activities are maintained through the efforts of a number of Working Groups, including the IPR Working Group.