CPA Attorney Hosts Patent Talk for Sinopec Personnel 

On 26 October 2012, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) delivered a talk addressing the optimisation of patent application work at the request of the research institute of Sinopec Yangtze Petrochemical Company Ltd. The talk was attended by 30-plus Sinopec Yangtze staff members, comprising its senior management and its personnel in charge of IP and technology related matters.
In his presentation, Mr. Sun Xiuwu, patent attorney from CPA’s Chemical Department at Beijing office responsible for the talk, expounded on the importance of patents to enterprises, and ways for a company to expand the basis and enhance the quality of its patent applications. He further depicted the roles a patent agency can play in assisting corporate patent portfolio management and strategy planning, as well as services a company may entrust with a patent agency. Last but not least, Mr. Sun gave suggestions specific to the company's R&D and patents affairs.
It is our great pleasure to see that the talk was well-received by the attendees, who wrote to say thank you, and commended that the presentation was inspiring by providing teachings that help better the company in terms of R&D, patent portfolio management and IP strategy development.
 CPA patent attorney Mr. Sun Xiuwu (4th from left) with some audience members
4th from right: Sinopec Yangtze research institute director Mr, Kan Lin; 3rd from left: IP specialist from  Sinopec Yangtze Ms. Yu Xiaomei