Mainland, HK & Macao IP Symposium 2013 Held in Macao

On 10 July 2013, the Mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR Intellectual Property Symposium was held at World Trade Center Macau. The symposium is an annual event co-organised by the State Intellectual Property of China (SIPO), Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department of the Government of the HKSAR (IPD), and the Economic Services of the Government of the Macao SAR (MES).
The symposium this year focused on three themes, namely, the latest development of IP in the three places; IP protection for strategic emerging industries; and promotion of creative industry development by IP.
At the symposium informative talks were delivered by government officials and attorneys from SIPO, the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO), the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC), IPD, and MES, as well as representatives from PuraPharm, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences of University of Macau, Macao Cultural Creativity Industry Research Center, and Asian Licensing Association. Following the talks was a Q&A session, which allowed clarification and further discussion of issues of interests and concerns in an interactive manner.
The symposium was first held in 2000.  It has since then served as a platform for strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the intellectual property arena among the three places. The symposium for year 2014 is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong.