Patent Information Annual Conference of China 2013 Held in Beijing

On 12 and 13 September 2013, the fourth Patent Information Annual Conference of China (PIAC), hosted by State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and organised by Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH), was held in China National Convention Center, Beijing. The event gathered close to 1,500 participants, including delegates from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), major foreign IP offices, patent information service providers, patent agencies, renowned enterprises from home and abroad, and research institutes.
In the opening address, Mr. Tian Lipu, commissioner of SIPO, briefed on some aspects of China's IP development since the first implementation of its national IP strategy five years ago. He also pointed out that high quality patent information services played a significant role in the deployment of innovation resources, invigoration of innovation, boost  of innovation efficiency, and exploitation of innovative outcomes at corporate, industry, and society levels. As he emphasised, amidst China's transition to an innovation-driven economy, enterprises would definitely pay greater attention to effective use of patent information and new demands for patent information services would surely arise.  
The theme of this year's conference was "patent information and innovation-driven strategy". Revolving around the theme were five breakout sessions, which focused respectively on corporate practice in innovation and patent information utilisation, analysis of typical cases on patent litigation, patent evaluation and monetisation, foreign experiences in patent system changes to accommodate innovation, and corporate IP management in China and Japan.
During the two-day sessions, apart from speeches, forums, workshops, and training sessions, an exhibition was also arranged, showcasing patent information products and services from over 50 exhibitors such as IPPH, WIPO, and IAM.
 Mr. Tian Lipu highlights the significant role of patent information services in national IP strategy implementation.
Mr. David Kappo, ex-director of US Patent and Trademark Office, speaks on recent changes in US patent system to spur innovation.
Mr. Huang Qing, director of Protection and Coordination Department of SIPO, outlines past five years' implementation of national IP strategy in China. 
Exhibition of international patent information services and products