CPA Journal Invited to Media Exchange Session by Newly Established Beijing Third Intermediate Court

On 26 September 2013, representatives from China Patents & Trademarks, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA)'s bilingual IP law journal, participated in a media exchange session organised by Beijing Third Intermediate People's Court, which was established recently on 6 August 2013.
Apart from China Patents & Trademarks, several other domestic IP law publications including Intellectual Property, China Copyright, China Trade Mark, Electronics Intellectual Property, China Intellectual Property, and China Intellectual Property News were also invited to the exchange session.  
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Du Changhui, director of the fifth civil tribunal, as the court's first external exchange event. According to Mr. Du, the tribunal had accepted 32 cases within the month from its commencement of service on 21 August. Among the cases, over 80% were patent disputes and one quarter was foreign-related. 
During the exchange session, representatives from the IP journal publishers briefed on their respective areas of focuses and article contribution requirements as well as put forth ideas regarding researches on IP-related court trial. Subsequent to the session, the participants were arranged a tour of the new court accompanied by judges of the tribunal. 
One of the tribunals of the Beijing Third Intermediate People's Court