CPA Assistant General Manager Gives Class for Taiwan IP Training Academy

China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) was recently invited by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies at National Taiwan University, and Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA) to give a one-day class for TIPA's IP instructors training course. 
Prior to this, CPA had compiled teaching materials for the academy's IP classes, commissioned by International Cooperation Department of State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) and All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA). The resulting book titled "Substantial Conditions for Patent Grant in Mainland China" was the efforts of the compilation committee comprising CPA's experienced professionals, namely assistant general manager Mr. Wang Jingchao, deputy managers Mr. Liu Peng and Mr. Yang Kai, and attorneys Ms. Ma Hongmei and Mr. Ke Ke, under the leadership of general manager Mr. Li Yong.
While the book has now been sent to print, Mr. Wang Jingchao, on behalf of the compilation committee, was in Taiwan on 28 September 2013, presenting on the key contents of the book for TIPA. The class attracted 60 attendees from domestic universities and colleges, law firms and enterprises.
The training class and IP materials compilation have provided a good opportunity for CPA to contribute to cross-strait IP-related cooperation and exchange. At the same time the firm is glad to have a chance to honour its social responsibility, which is a core belief the firm has committed to over the years.