CPA Beijing Office Convenes 2013 Year-end Review Meeting

In the afternoon of 20 January 2014, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) Beijing office convened its 2013 year-end review meeting. The meeting was attended by the entire staff as well as some retired members. The key management who were at the meeting included general manager Mr. Zeng Xiangling, deputy general managers Mr. Wang Chongmin and Ms. Tina Tai, as well as assistant general managers Ms. Kathryn Fu and Mr. Wang Jingchao.
Mr. Kong Zhiqiang, director of CPA Beijing office, started the meeting with a report on the achievement of the office over the year. He also pointed out those aspects which had yet to be improved, and made projections for the year ahead. Following this, Mr. Wu Yuhe, deputy director of CPA Beijing office, announced the results of Outstanding Attorneys and Outstanding Staff of Year 2013. 
Mr. Zeng Xiangling, who newly assumed the role of CPA general manager, spoke at the meeting with words of thanks to all the staff members for their hard work which had contributed to the accomplishment of the office, and looked forward to another fruitful year in 2014.
 The ten outstanding attorneys of year 2013 of CPA Beijing office
 The ten outstanding staff of year 2013 of CPA Beijing office