CPA Beijing Delivers Donations to Schools in Poverty-Stricken County in Hebei Province

China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) Beijing office recently organised a donation in kind to three schools in Lai Shui, an impoverished county in Hebei province identified as needing top priority aid.
Early in the morning on 26 July 2014, a team of young staff members from CPA Beijing headed toward the southwest suburb of the Beijing municipality for the delivery of the donations. Loaded in their luggage were 40 computers and 160 sets of stationery and recreational gear, to be delivered to the young students of ZhenChuang Middle School, Sangyuanjian Primary School, and Zhuangli Town Rongyou Hope Primary School. 
At the presentation ceremony officials from the local education commission and poverty alleviation office as well as representatives of the recipient schools expressed gratitude for the contribution. In fact the gratitude is ours, as it has long been our belief that social responsibility is a meaningful goal to strive for, and we are therefore thankful for the chance to extend our care  through giving and sharing to those in need in the community.