CPA Senior Attorneys Recognised on Lists of National Leading Figures and High-Calibre Talents of IP
The State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) recently announced two new batches of national IP talents for the lists of leading figures and high-calibre talents of the intellectual property industry, after a months-long process of recommendations, screening, review and appraisal of the candidates on national basis.
China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) is pleased to share that among the127 nominees of this second selection of national leading IP figures are CPA assistant general manager Mr. Wang Jingchao and Beijing office deputy director Mr. Wu Yuhe, and among the 120 nominees of this fourth selection of national high-calibre IP talents is CPA Shenzhen office director Mr. Yuan Shaohui.
The nominations are part of the implementation plans for national IP talents building for the 12th five-year period, according to which about 200 leading figures and around the same number of high-calibre talents from IP industry nationwide are targeted to be identified during years 2011-2015. Previously, SIPO has named 81 leading figures in 2012 and 77 high-calibre talents in 2011.