China Ranks 19th in National Innovation Index 2014

The National Innovation Index Report 2014 was released recently by Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED). According to the report, China was ranked 19th among the 40 countries that were rated for their overall performance in innovation in the year of 2013. Despite staying at the same position as 2012, China has narrowed significantly the gap from a difference in score of 2.9 to 1 with Belgium, the country in the 18th place for both 2013 and 2012.

The top ten countries by overall innovation performance in 2013 were the US, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and Finland.
The overall ranking of CASTED's National Innovation Index was based on five core indicators. Apart from knowledge creation in which its ranking slipped one place to 19th, China saw advancement from previous year across the remaining indicators, namely, innovation resources (29th in 2013 from 30th in 2012), enterprise innovation (13th in 2013 from 15th in 2012), innovation performance (11th in 2013 from 14th in 2012), and innovation environment (13th in 2013 from 14th in 2012).