NCAC Invites Comments on Draft Amendments to Copyright Administrative Punishment Implementation Measures

Recently, the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) published the Measures for the Implementation of Copyright Administrative Punishment (Draft Amendments for Comments) to collect public opinions on the proposed amendments to the Measures, which were last revised in 2009 since its promulgation in 2003.
The current proposed amendments intend to align the Measures with the existing Chinese Copyright Law and other related laws and regulations which have gone through revisions respectively since 2010, as well as to address some issues emerging in practice over the years as related to administrative enforcement of copyright infringement, covering such content as enforcement procedures, administrative liabilities of internet service providers, and enforcement in the context of the internet.
The Draft Amendments are open for public comments until 30 September 2015, and members of the public may voice their opinions via the official website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council of China (, by writing to the Policy and Legislation Department of NCAC, or by sending email to or fax to 010-83138643.