China's IP Courts Accepted over 10,000 Cases since Commencement of Operation

According to the data released recently by the Supreme People's Court of China, the three intellectual property courts in China, as of 20 August 2015, accepted 10,795 IP cases and concluded 4,160 IP cases in total since their respective dates of commencement of operation. A breakdown of the details is as follows: 
Beijing IP Court
(6 November 2014 –
20 August 2015)
Shanghai IP Court
(1 January 2015 –
20 August 2015)
Guangzhou IP Court
(21 December 2014 –
20 August 2015)
1st instances accepted
2nd instances accepted
Total cases accepted
Total cases concluded
Beijing IP Court, in line with its focus on administrative IP cases, had over three-fourths of its accepted cases being administrative cases concerning grant and affirmation of patent or trademark rights. The court also handled comparatively more foreign-related IP cases, which accounted for 39.4% of the first-instance cases it accepted.
For Shanghai IP Court, over half of the cases it accepted were copyright-related, whereas for Guangzhou IP Court, 53.24% of its accepted cases were patent-related.