IP-Related Complaints Lodged during 118th China Import & Export Fair on the Rise


The 118th China Import and Export Fair (also known as Canton Fair) held in Guangzhou, China was concluded on 4 November 2015. This autumn session of the biannually trade fair attracted an attendance of 177,544 overseas buyers from 213 countries and regions around the world. According to the closing press conference of the trade fair, intellectual property-related complaints saw a rise in this session, compared with the spring session earlier this year.
The rise was seen across the numbers of IP-related complaints, enterprises being complained of alleged infringement, and enterprises confirmed as constituting alleged infringement. Among them, the growth in the number of complained enterprises was most substantial, while that in the number of enterprises confirmed as constituting alleged infringement was minimal.  
In terms of absolute numbers, this session accepted 603 IP-related complaints, representing an increase of 72 cases (up 13.56%) over the spring session. Of the complaints, 39.3% were foreign-related. As for the number of complained enterprises, the figure amounted to 860, an increase of 197 enterprises (up 29.71%) over the spring session, and among these complained enterprises, 368, or 42.79%, were confirmed as constituting alleged infringement, a mere increase of 2 (up 0.55%) over the spring session.
According to the Complaint and Settlement Regulations for Being Suspected of IP Rights Infringement published in April 2010 on the official website of Canton Fair, an exhibitor with a valid badge of the trade fair may lodge a complaint to the complaint center at the fair in case any infringements have been detected in the exhibits, promotional materials in the booth or in any parts of the booth, and, upon confirmation of the alleged infringement, infringing exhibitors will be reported to the trade organizations, have their names disclosed, be reduced in the number of booths, or disqualified for six future sessions, depending on the seriousness of the allegedly infringing act.