Beijing IP Court Accepts 8,000 Cases in Initial Year

Beijing Intellectual Property Court (BIPC), the pioneering IP court in China, recently held a press conference upon its first anniversary on 6 November 2015, during which  Judge Su Chi, president of the court, briefed on data about cases handled by the court in its initial year.
According to Judge Su Chi, the court accepted a total of 7,918 cases (comprising 6,699 first-instance cases, 1,204 second-instance cases, and 15 appeal cases); and concluded 3,250 cases (comprising 1,200 civil cases and 2,050 administrative cases) during the year.
He further analysed that the cases accepted by the court during the year were characterised by dominance of first-instance cases, administrative cases, and foreign-related cases, with respective proportions of 85%, 75%, and 80% of the total. In addition, among the various types of cases, technology-related cases accounted for 25% of the total cases accepted during the year.
BIPC currently has 45 judges. Its jurisdiction covers IP civil and administrative cases originally handled by intermediate courts of the Beijing municipality.