Seminar on Film & TV Industry Disputes Held in Beijing

On 17 December 2015, a seminar on film and television industry-related disputes jointly organised by Chinese Television Drama Production Industry Association (CTPIA) and China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) was held in Beijing. 
The seminar was moderated by Mr. Li Yong, chairman of Legal Affairs Committee of CTPIA. Mr. You Xiaogang, president of CTPIA, and Dr. Li Hu, deputy secretary-general of CIETAC, were present and delivered speeches for the occasion. Mr. You briefed on the vigorous development of the Chinese film and TV industry over recent years and pointed out current issues faced by the industry, whereas Dr. Li informed on the history and present situation of commercial arbitration in China, and gave an analysis of factors that influence the choices of  venue for foreign-related arbitration cases.
During the topical presentation session, industry lawyers as well as media corporation in-house counsel were invited to speak on relevant practice and legislation. They shared experience in disposition and remedies of film and TV industry disputes, identified points to note in entering into relevant contracts, reviewed typical cases, referred to US experience in arbitration legislation, and expounded relevant Chinese legislation for entertainment industry.
The event attracted the attendance of 150 plus representatives from media companies, law firms, and educational institutions of relevant disciplines.