CPA Beijing Department Manager Gives Lecture on Practical Skills in Patent Application Formalities

Beijing Patent Attorneys Association (BPAA) recently organised a two-day training course in Beijing on practical skills in patent application formalities. The training course, held on 19-20 April 2016, was attended by more than 160 industry practitioners from 60 plus patent firms of the municipality. 
Ms. Wang Danqing, manager of the Patent Application Department of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) Beijing office, was invited to give lecture for the course.
Speaking on the topic of "Recent Trends and New Paths of Foreign-related IP Applications", Ms. Wang started the lecture with introduction on the two main paths for foreign patent protection, namely, the Paris Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), in particular on their differences in formality and in substance. She then expounded, with case illustrations, on the typical workflow of PCT applications, including the process, the fees, and the required documents at different points of time during the international phase; some matters to note after the application's entry into the national phase, including restoration of rights of priority and incorporation by reference from earlier application of missing elements; the option of filing PCT applications electronically; and the direction of PCT application reform.
She subsequently proceeded to describe the characteristics, the workflow, the fees, and the required documents of outbound patent applications destined for Europe, the US, Japan, and Korea, and touched upon how the use of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) or Patent Law Treaty (PLT) has brought changes to the patent application formalities in practice. Finally, Ms. Wang, drawing from her two decades of experience in the field, shared with the attendees how the practitioners can work closely and effectively with patent attorneys in monitoring of timelines, preparation of documents, and handover of jobs.
During the Q&A session, Ms. Wang answered queries raised by the attendees, covering such issues as PCT application process, timeline management, and coordination with foreign firms in outbound patent applications.