CPA Beijing Office Deputy Director Invited to Speak at 2nd Chinese IP Court Forum

On 12-13 May 2016, the Second Chinese Intellectual Property Court Forum was held in Beijing. The forum gathered about 500 participants, among them judges, attorneys, industry experts, and academicians, to exchange ideas on issues relating to judicial IP protection in China.
This year's forum carried the theme of "judicial adjudication and realisation of the value of IP". There were eight sub-forums covering respectively the topics of: determination of damages and realisation of the value of IP; reform of the IP adjudication system; establishment of the case guiding system; building of IP legal communities; new development on patent protection; new development on trademark; new development on copyright; and new development on IP proceedings.
Among the speakers was Mr. Wu Yuhe, deputy director of Beijing office of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA), who was invited to speak for the sub-forum of building the IP legal communities.
Mr. Wu approached his topic from multiple perspectives. He traced the history of the patent legal community in China, related his experience in communicating with the examiners and judges at work, briefed on the legal communities in the US and other countries, and projected on the future trajectory of the Chinese patent legal community.
The building of IP legal communities has recently become a heated topic among legal practitioners and academicians. Mr. Wu's talk was well-received, and sparked further interest in and discussion of the topic among the audience at the forum.