Supreme People's Court of China Releases Judicial IPR Protection Report 2015

The Supreme People's Court of China (SPC) recently released the report on judicial intellectual property rights protection in China 2015 at a press briefing in Hangzhou. According to the report, the number of IPR cases accepted and concluded by the courts in China nationwide in 2015 amounted to 149,238 (up 11.49% year-on-year) and 142,077 (up 11.76%) respectively.
In terms of IPR-related first instances, the Chinese courts during the year newly accepted 130,200 cases (up 11.73%), comprising 109,386 civil cases (up 14.51%), 9,839 administrative cases (about the same as previous year), and 10,975 criminal cases (about the same as previous year), and concluded 123,059 cases (up 11.68%), comprising 101,324 civil cases (up 7.22%), 10,926 administrative cases (up 123.57%), and 10,809 criminal cases (about the same as previous year).
In addition, the three Chinese IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou altogether reported an acceptance of 15,772 IPR-related civil and administrative cases as of the end of 2015 since their respective inception during the last two months of 2014.
Also announced at the press briefing were the 10 leading IPR cases and 50 typical IPR cases adjudicated by the Chinese courts in 2015.