BOE Visits CPA Beijing Office & Presents Outstanding Award to CPA Attorney

On 3 August 2016, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. vice president Mr. Li Xinguo, director Mr. Guo Zhenpeng, and senior research officer Mr. Ma Zhenfu visited the Beijing office of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA). They were warmly received by CPA general manager Mr. Zeng Xiangling, deputy general manager Ms. Tina Tai, Beijing office deputy director Mr. Wu Yuhe, and other relevant attorneys.
The meeting afforded a chance for BOE and our firm to communicate in depth issues related to our cooperation, and the BOE guests also visited for the purpose of presenting the 2015 BOE Outstanding Patent Attorney Award to our colleague Mr. Jiang Pengfei for his performance in handling the tasks entrusted by BOE.
The award was jointly presented by BOE vice president Mr. Li and CPA general manager Mr. Zeng. Taking the occasion, Mr. Zeng expressed appreciation for BOE's trust in CPA and its recognition of our efforts, while Mr. Li thanked our attorneys and relevant colleagues for their high quality service. Both BOE and our firm looked forward to more extensive cooperation in future.