China's 2016 Anti-Online Piracy Action Kicks Off in July

China's Sword Net Action 2016 has kicked off on 12 July. The Sword Net Action as a nationwide campaign against online copyright infringement is now in its 12nd year and the campaign this year will take place within a period of five months.    
The 2016 Sword Net Action targets at three aspects of work, namely, i) crack down on illegal, unauthorised dissemination of literature, news, and audio and visual works on the Internet; ii) investigate and handle copyright infringement committed through such platforms as mobile terminal-based applications, e-commerce websites, online advertising alliances, private theatres, and film bars; and iii) maintain sound copyright protection for online music, cloud storage services, and reproduction of news over the Internet.
The Sword Net Action is directed by National Copyright Administration of China in conjunction with the State Internet Information Office, Ministry of Industry and information, and Ministry of Public Security, and implemented by various copyright, internet information management, communications, and public security authorities across the country.