CPA Attorneys Attend Patent Litigation Training Session Conducted by Beijing Patent Attorneys Association

In the afternoon of 2 September 2016, around 200 patent attorneys and patent engineers from the Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai offices of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) gathered to attend at CPA Beijing office or via remote access a training session on patent administrative litigation conducted by Beijing Patent Attorneys Association (BPAA).  
The training session was chaired by CPA Beijing office deputy director Mr. Wu Yuhe, and Mr. Liu Qinghui, senior judge of IP Tribunal and deputy chief of patent investigation team of Beijing Higher People's Court, was invited to give a lecture on the topic.
In his three-hour lecture, Judge Liu started with matters to note in patent administrative litigation, pointing out those details which would have direct impact on the proceedings and outcomes of a case but tended to be easily neglected by attorneys in the evidence collection and court hearing processes. He then drew from legal provisions and cases to explain some difficult legal issues of both form and substance in patent administrative litigation; introduced the mainstream views on the nature of reexamination and invalidation proceedings; and discussed, with reference to patent claim construction rules from the US, the contextualist approach in particular as well as legitimacy and application of the approach. Judge Liu's lecture also covered issues related to amendments to patent application documents, assessment of inventive-step, and the lack of essential technical features in a claim.
This lecture is the first of a training series scheduled to be conducted by BPAA at CPA, which served as part of our firm's professional competence development programmes for attorneys. Topics to be discussed in upcoming lectures of the training series include patent reexamination and invalidation, patent search and early warning, and patent drafting.