Round Table Forum on Global Innovation Index Research Held in Beijing

The Round Table Forum on Global Innovation Index Research, organised by Peking University and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was conducted in Beijing on 30 August 2016.
Mr. Chen Hongbing, director of WIPO Office in China, moderated the forum and made the opening remark, during which he pointed to the importance of innovation as a key driver of global economic growth and that of the Global Innovation Index (GII) annual report, first published by WIPO in 2007, as a useful reference for policymakers in understanding and evaluating the trend of global innovations.  
The panelists of the forum included the co-editor and the lead researcher of the GII report, as well as expert researchers from the domestic National Innovation Index Report, Capital Science and Technology Innovation Development Report, and Report on the Group of Twenty (G20) National Innovation Competitiveness Development. The topics discussed during the sessions covered innovation in China, quantification of innovation capacity, design and compilation of innovation indexes, establishment of innovation index frameworks, and understanding of indexes within a proper context.
The forum was a GII report launch event. According to the report, Switzerland, Sweden, and the UK led the 2016 overall rankings as the world's top three most innovative economies, while China made it to the top 25th for the first time out of the 100-plus economies in the rankings.