ID5 Partner Offices Sign 2016 Joint Statement on Industrial Design Cooperation in Beijing


On 1-2 Nov 2016, the second annual meeting of the ID5 Partner Offices hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) was held in Beijing, China. The ID5 Partner Offices, comprising SIPO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO), and the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), are the five major IP offices whose industrial design (ID) applications in total account for about 90% of all ID applications filed worldwide. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) attended the meeting by invitation in an observer capacity.
At the meeting, the ID5 Partner Offices signed the 2016 ID5 Joint Statement to affirm their commitment to fostering in collaboration the development of efficient and inter-operable ID protection systems. They have also approved the establishment of the following 12 cooperation projects aimed at studying key aspects of ID practice in their respective jurisdictions toward some concrete, user-friendly deliverables:
  • Ÿ   development and maintenance of an ID5 website (;
  • Ÿ   compilation of an agreed common statistical indicators;
  • Ÿ   catalogue of eligibility for ID protection;
  • Ÿ   catalogue of the view and drawing requirements for designs;
  • Ÿ   study of priority document exchange by ID5 Offices;
  • Ÿ   study of practices of priority rights for ID by ID5 Offices;
  • Ÿ   study of design classification conventions and practices;
  • Ÿ   comparative study of practices concerning product indications;
  • Ÿ   analysis of underlying economic factors and IP Office Actions on how they impact global design filings;
  • Ÿ   comparative study of the application of a grace period for industrial design applications;
  • Ÿ   comparative study of partial designs as an effective means of protection for industrial design innovation; and
  •   study of practices on protection of new technological designs. 

SIPO will serve as the lead office for the projects of "study of priority document exchange by ID5 Offices" and "study of practices of priority rights for ID by ID5 Offices". The 2017 ID5 annual meeting will be hosted by EUIPO in Alicante, Spain.