Beijing 2017 IP Work Conference Focuses on Prime IP Region Building


On 9 March 2017, Beijing municipality convenes the 2017 Intellectual Property Work Conference cum 4th Beijing Municipal Invention Patent Award Presentation Ceremony. Attendees of the conference included State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) deputy commissioner He Hua, Beijing municipal deputy major Sui Zhenjiang, WIPO China Office director Chen Hongbing, Beijing IP Court vice president Song Yusui, and officials from local IP authorities.
Mr. He Hua and Mr. Sui Zhenjiang delivered speeches at the conference and presented 36 awardees with the invention patent awards. Mr. He in his speech recognised the IP-related achievement of the municipality in the past year, and pointed to four focuses of the municipality's IP efforts under the directive of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region synergic development toward building a prime national IP region: 1) deepening reforms in IP, by actively carrying out pilot measures as well as advancing the formulation and implementation of IP strategies, plans, and standards; 2) enhancing IP protection, by improving the multi-channel IP dispute resolution mechanism and creating a business environment of fair competition; 3) strengthening IP exploitation, by prioritising on IP operation-related industries and support of relevant public service platform building; 4) promoting international IP exchanges, leveraging in particular the advantageous position of Beijing as a capital city and proactively undertaking IP cooperation and exchanges at a national level.
In his speech Mr. Sui indicated the municipality's need to reinforce IP exploitation, protection and standardisation; foster development of Zhongguancun as a national exemplary zone for IP service industry; boost the influence of Beijing brands; and push forward IP-related reforms, services, and supervision across the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.