EPO Examiners Visit CPA Beijing & Give Seminar on European Patent Examination Practice

On 17 May 2017, four senior examiners from the European Patent Office (EPO) including Dr. Carl-Alexander Deffner visited the Beijing Office of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) and gave us a seminar on European patent system and examination practice.
CPA general manager Mr. Zeng Xiangling, along with CPA Beijing Office deputy director Mr. Wu Yuhe, Chemistry Department manager Mr. Li Liantao and deputy managers Ms. Pang Lizhi and Mr. Zhao Sulin, met and welcomed the guests. General manager Mr. Zeng further briefed the guests on our firm's new developments and profile in Europe.
During the seminar, the EPO examiners expounded EPO's organisation structure and mission, as well as recent developments of European Patent Law and EPO examination practice, in particular relating to such issues as sufficient disclosure, support of the description, clarity, inventive step, and amendment exceeding the scope of disclosure. Afterwards, CPA Chemistry Department deputy manager Mr. Zhao talked about practice concerning Chinese applicants' filing of European patent applications. There was then a discussion session, during which both sides delved into matters of concern and queries over patent application and examination in China and Europe.
The seminar was also participated by patent attorneys, patent engineers, and paralegals from CPA Beijing Office, Hong Kong Office, Shanghai Office, and Shenzhen Office in person or via video conferencing.