SAIC Opinions: Trademark Infringement Penalty Records Incorporated into National Enterprises Credit Information Disclosure System

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China (SAIC) published on 17 May 2017 the Opinions on Deepening of Trademark and Brand Strategy Implementation to Foster Brand Development in China.
The Opinions specify measures to facilitate trademark application and registration, including setting up more local centres for acceptance of trademark applications, and promoting the use of electronic means for trademark application, delivery and receipt of documents, and certification of registration.
In respect of trademark protection, the Opinions place the emphasis on the protection of well-known marks, geographical indications, foreign-related marks, and time-honoured brands, as well as the fight against online infringement and counterfeiting. Moreover, the Opinions put forward that track records of penalised trademark violations be incorporated into the national enterprises credit information disclosure system to enable closer supervision of trademark-related bad faith behaviours.
The Opinions also set forth measures for encouraging utilisation of registered trademarks and brands, including setting up more local centres for acceptance of applications for trademark pledges, reinforcing investigation of cases involving continuous three-year non-use of registered trademarks, and tightening regulation on trademark trading to prevent malicious preemptive registration.