Tsinghua Patent Law Forum 2017 on Typical IP Cases Held in Beijing

On 2 July 2017, Tsinghua Patent Law Forum 2017: Chinese Typical Intellectual Property Cases was held in Tsinghua University, Beijing. The forum was hosted jointly by China Institute of Applied Jurisprudence of the Supreme People's Court of China (SPC), Intellectual Property Case Guidance and Research (Beijing) Base of SPC, and Tsinghua University-Microsoft Joint Research Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property.
Leveraging the IP cases heard by the Chinese courts as an important resource for the development of the country's case guidance and legal systems, the forum delved into issues of legal significance in 8 recent patent cases. Areas covered during the forum included: protection for biological genes-related inventions; claim amendments during invalidation procedures; supplementation of experimental data; scope of protection of functional features; interpretation of usage environment features in claims; and constitutive requirements of a service invention.
Forty-plus guests including judges, academics, and patent attorneys held roundtable discussion of the topics, and close to 200 IP practitioners attending the forum also contributed to the discussion.