Chinese IP Courts Conclude over 30,000 Cases since Inception in 2014

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, and the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, the three IP courts of China which started operation respectively in November or December of 2014, have altogether accepted 46,071 cases and concluded 33,135 cases as of June 2017, according to sources from the Supreme People's Court of China.
Among the above-mentioned cases, 12,935 civil and administrative cases of the first instance accepted and 8,247 concluded were cases involving high technicality such as patent, plant species, integrated circuit layout designs, know-how, and computer software. The three IP courts, which introduced the technical investigation officers system in IP trials in the country following their inception, now employ 60-plus technical investigation officers, who have since then engaged in 1,144 cases to assist the judges in identifying technical facts and clarifying technology issues.