China Rises to 17th in CASTED National Innovation Index

According to the National Innovation Index Report 2016-2017 issued recently by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED), China ranked 17th among the 40 countries rated this year, which was one place up from the previous year.
As noted by CASTED deputy director Mr. Wu Yishan, China saw continual increase in innovation resources input, rapid progress in knowledge output rate and quality, and steady strengthening of enterprise innovation capacity.
Analysis of past ranking results shows that the leading 15 in the innovation index are mainly consisted of the more economically developed countries. The top 15 this year in order were the US, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, Finland, France, Israel, Austria, and Norway.
The CASTED National Innovation Index rankings are based on five primary indicators, namely, innovation resources, knowledge creation, enterprise innovation, innovation performance, and innovation environment. And its sources of data include National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as well as the World Bank, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Intellectual Property Organization, and World Economic Forum.