Workshop on Hot IP Issues Held in Beijing

On 29 August 2017, the Workshop on Hot IP Issue hosted by British Embassy Beijing and Beijing Intellectual Property Institute was held in Beijing. The workshop brought together 40-plus participants, including senior judges from the High Court of the UK, Beijing Higher People's Court, and Higher People's Court of Fujian Province, as well as officials, attorneys and company representatives from the UK, Germany and China.
The meeting had a focus on two topics, namely, contributory infringement of patent rights and repeated IP infringement. In the morning session Mr. Justice Henry Carr of the High Court of the UK shared the UK experience as related to contributory infringement of patent rights by reference to relevant cases and the difficulties faced by the UK courts in practice. In the afternoon session Mr. Justice Carr further spoke on repeated IP infringement in the UK, while Mr. Markus Richter, Counsellor Intellectual Property Rights of German Embassy in Beijing, China, presented on enforcement of IP-related rulings in Germany.
Apart from heated discussion about the UK and German systems and practices, the sessions also touched upon the situation in China, including repeated infringement of trademark, design or copyright in the country, ways of identifying the offence, the laws in force for regulation of the behavior, and how judicial practice may effectively curb the behaviour. The discussions during the sessions will be put together and published as a special report to serve as reference for future legislation and law revisions concerning related issues.